I’m a freelance writer with three years of writing news, stories, list articles, and translating Japanese to English content.

I’m the sole site runner of Daisuki Toku, a Japanese entertainment and tokusatsu (special effects) website. I translate content for English-speaking and reading audiences to bridge the language gap.

My writing projects have taken me on various adventures around the globe. I’ve covered PAX East 2017 on a media assignment where I tested several video games and interviewed over ten developers in two days. I’ve been to Japan where I’ve traveled the Yamanote Line seeking Kamen Rider media. In 2019 I traveled to Pasadena, CA to cover Japan World Heroes, a growing convention that brings Japanese media to American audiences.

I primarily cover video games, tech, internet trends, comics, and Japanese culture but I love challenging myself to learn about new topics. (Most recently I’ve been interested in New Japan Pro Wrestling.)

Besides writing, I have ten years of experience using WordPress. I also have a degree in a graphic design-related field, video creation/editing experience, and streaming on major digital platforms, such as Twitch.

Daisuki Toku – Japanese entertainment and tokusatsu website
Happy Gamer – Video game news website
FluentU – Japanese language learning blog
The Gamer – List artists covering video games, anime, cartoons, and comics
Gamer Professionals – Video game news and reviews website
GameSkinny – Video game news website
Wiiu.pro – translating Japanese content for the largest Nintendo website in the CIS/Russian region

I have also contributed research and graphic design for articles on Growth Rock, an ecommerce conversion rate optimization (CRO) agency.

If you’re interested in getting in touch, please contact me via my Contact page.