Creating Art: Illustration Tools

I’ve been creating art since I was young. My first memory of drawing is when I drew Bugs Bunny at the age of 7. My artstyle has evolved quiet a bit since then.

Here are the tools I use to create my art today:

Mechanical Pencil and EraserMechanical Pencil and Eraser

I begin all my artwork with a sketch. I don’t own a graphics tablet, so all of my illustrations start with pencil to paper. I prefer 0.5mm lead and a mechanical pencil so I can achieve finer lines. The brand isn’t an issue with me, but as you can see, I prefer cute things.

I use three different erasers depending on my need. There’s a (cute) retractable eraser for smaller erasing. A Pentec hi-polymer eraser for erasing all pencil marks off a page. Useful for when I’m working on my webcomic, In Love & Justice. I also like how soft the eraser is, along with being odorless. Finally, I have a Kokuyo Mirikeshi Variable-Width Eraser. There are different widths of the eraser you can use with many edges for finer erasing. It’s harder than the Pentec eraser, but is better at finer erasing.

Deleter Comic PaperDeleter Comic Paper

Paper is really important to me for my illustrations. The lesser amount of ink or marker bleed, the less I have to clean up in Photoshop later. Plus it has to hold up to eraser markers. My favorite paper is Deleter Comic Paper. It’s smooth for inking. For marker, I like the Copic Marker Paper best, but have been unable to find a “sketchbook” style replacement.

For simple sketching, I use white card stock. A ream of it is cheap and it’s easier for me to find in-store. It has a smooth and rough side, so on the smooth, I don’t really have any issues with bleeding.

Copic MultilinersCopic Multiliners

Ever since I started inking, I’ve gone through many types of pens. From cheaper pens I’ve found at a dollar store to Sakura Microns. Copic Multiliners are my favorite to ink with and you can see, I have many.. It consistently writes smooth and dries pretty quickly compared to other pens. I mostly use 0.5-1.0 but I use the 0.005 for finer line art like eyelashes or ends of hair. I also prefer the Multiliner Brushes, particularly the Smaller size. (The stickers are there for me to identify the newer pens to the older ones.)

Copic Sketch MarkersCopic Sketch Markers

I don’t do a lot of color work. I used Prismacolor Markers for a few years but I didn’t like them very much. It felt like using a permanent marker. I finally decided to try out Copic Markers a year or two ago and I’ve been using them ever since. The markers are much like the Multiliners, smooth and keeps a good ink flow. Plus if you run out of ink or a nib gets damaged, you can replace them without having to buy an entirely new pen.

There are some neat accessories with these markers as well, like the Copic Airbrush System. It’s fun to create new effects with your art. I’ll post up a tutorial on some simple Copic Marker ABS effects in the future.

What tools do you use for your illustration needs?

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