Sleeping Aerith

Artwork of Aerith from the Final Fantasy series. Created in Clip Studio Paint.

Arisa – Henshin

Artwork of an original character created in Clip Studio Paint.

Eyck of Denesle Portrait

Digital painting of Eyck of Denesle from The Witcher series.

Goblin Slayer Night

Artwork of Goblin Slayer that was used for a variety of merchandise.

Casual Riders

Group of Kamen Riders casually standing outside of a shop. Used as a t-shirt design.

Siroria Twitch Overlays

Twitch Overlays created for Twitch user: Siroria. Responsible for illustration and design.

Campfire Website Mockup

Website mockup for an outdoor-themed website.

Nerdcode Website

Mockup for a developer website. Designed layout and logo.

Bridal Website Mockup

Mockup for a bridal-themed website.

Hospital Website Mockups and Print Designs

Website mockups for two hospitals. Also includes mockups for flyers, business cards, and appointment reminders.

Daisuki Toku Website

Web design and WordPress installation of Daisuki Toku, a Japanese entertainment website.

Greenery App UI Mockup

Mockup for “Greenery,” a calendar app that can be used on desktop and mobile devices. Created in Adobe Illustrator

Motivational Quote Sports Flyers

Motivational quote sports flyers. Created in Adobe Photoshop.

Steven Universe Crystal Gems T-Shirt Design

T-shirt designs based on the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe. Responsible for vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator a

Kamen Rider Ghost Information Posters

Created in Photoshop using images from the Kamen Rider Ghost: Detail of Heroes book